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Have you ever been dissatisfied with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system? You're not alone. Many people get very frustrated with traditional touch tone call center IVR software or voice recognition IVR systems and opt out to speak to live agents. But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Now you can with conversational Virtual Agents powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Conversational Virtual Call Agents in the cloud can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty 
  • Focus your live agents on the more complex interactions, not the simple ones
  • Ramp up your inbound and outbound call handling capacity rapidly in response to changing environments like an advertising push or emergency situation
  • Better comply with PCI-DSS and HIPAA data security requirements
  • Be continuously tuned and refined as customer experiences are reviewed
  • Compare the results of the Virtual Call Agents to live agents to optimize call handling
  • Do all of this with a hosted, cloud IVR service that minimizes the IT department's involvement and resources

Telecom Reseller and VPI have produced the EDUcast, "Delighting Callers with a Smarter IVR," as an educational tutorial on the next generation, intelligent hosted IVR solution. Check it the 20-minute EDUcast.

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