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35 Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Call Center Quality Assurance Program

I was recently honored to be asked to join a panel of esteemed Call Center Quality Assurance experts at the QATC Annual Conference (Quality Assurance and Training Connection), ICMI Contact Center Expo and the CRMXchange Quality Assurance & Analytics Virtual Conference. Here are my 35 favorite, most effective tips shared by panelists which I thought

APCO/NENA Quality Assurance and Improvement (QA/QI) Standard Approved by ANSI

Great news for the quality of emergency communications! The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved the standard that members of APCO and NENA have been collaboratively working on together for the “Establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering Points.”   This very helpful APCO / NENA ANS 1.107.1-2015 standard defines the

New APCO NENA Quality Assurance and Improvement (QA/QI) ANSI Standard Highlights

On April 2, 2015, APCO and NENA released the new ANSI-approved Standard for the “Establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering Points”.  This APCO NENA Quality Assurance standard aims to establish a long awaited quality assurance and improvement process to all of America’s 9-1-1 telecommunicators to ensure call taking and radio

20 Call Center QA and Performance Management Questions Asked and Answered

VPI recently hosted a Webcast on the ‘Top 10 Call Center Quality and Performance Management Best Practices.’ We have received a number of great questions during the event and afterwards. The following article provides answers based on a combination of our extensive experience, QATC research, and industry best practices. 1.  What percentage of customer calls

Hope is Not a QA Strategy: Don’t Leave Your Contact Center Quality to Chance

In his bestselling book, Hope is Not a Strategy, Rick Page – one of the foremost experts in sales management and selling and founder and CEO of The Complex Sale – outlines a simple yet strategic process for winning sales. He asserts that successful sales, which he calls ‘Consultative Sales’, focus upon pinpointing specific problems

Win/Win: Converting a Challenged Call Center QA Score into a Coaching Moment

The Call Center Quality Assurance (QA) department spends a lot of time listening to and scoring calls.  And when an agent disputes the scoring of a call, it can become a contentious situation.  But you can take a potentially negative situation and turn it into a positive.  Here’s how!  Take this scenario: Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Compare Call Center Quality Monitoring Scores Against other Metrics for Operational Insights

An interesting way to review your quality monitoring scores is to compare them against all types of other call center performance measures. One of the most important comparisons is between quality monitoring scores and overall customer satisfaction scores. You should see a high correlation. Higher monitoring scores should happen as customer satisfaction scores go up and