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Latest Version of VPI EMPOWER Contact Center Quality and Performance Optimization Suite Rated 'Avaya Compliant'

  • VPI Avaya Compliant Tested Call Recording and Performance Management SoftwareCall recording, contact center performance management reporting and analytics now compliant with key Avaya communications solutions
  • Helps enterprise, government and public safety emergency contact centers optimize quality, operational performance and customer experience, while providing capabilities for compliance and risk management

VPI (Voice Print International), a leading provider of contact center performance analytics and compliance recording solutions, today announced that its VPI Empower Suite is compliant with key communications solutions from Avaya, a global provider of...

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40 Best Practices for Better Public Safety Communications

Public Safety Best Practices ForumWe've complied 40 of the most innovative and useful best practices that were shared by the many PSAPs and experts that attended this year's regional Public Safety Best Practices Forum events and 'Top 40 Public Safety Best Practices' Webcast hosted by VPI, Priority Dispatch, Avaya, Avtec and Replay Systems

Better Hiring

1)     Schedule an ‘All-in-one-day’ Hiring Blitz – use to significantly speed up the hiring process. Job orientation, computer-based pre-employment skill tests, suitability screening assessments, application and supplemental background pre-screening questionnaire, and...

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40 Stats Shaping the Future of Contact Centers

The Future of Call Center Workforce OptimizationDid you know that almost one in every 25 jobs in the US is within the contact center industry? Pretty thought provoking, huh? But just what does the future hold for the people, processes and technologies of this constantly evolving environment? As the leading developer and provider of contact center workforce optimization solutions and services, we at VPI decided to compile a list of compelling statistics that are shaping the future of customer contact and our solution portfolio. Check it out:

Customer Experience

1) Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for...

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Under the Hood of Recording Next Generation 9-1-1 Communications

Listen to the Podcast on NG9-1-1 Recording Requirements and ConsiderationsRecording NG9-1-1 communications involves much more than capturing voice and some basic data. NG logging recorders now require tighter integration of technologies and processes than yesterday's recorders were designed for. Considering that recording emergency communications is a must these days as it will be in the future, let’s look into 'what's under the hood' in this important, but often overlooked area.

VPI recently participated in Avaya’s TechTalk podcast where the two long-term partners and industry leaders in innovative technologies for processing and managing emergency...

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Dodd-Frank Call Recording Requirements, Deadlines and Solutions

Dodd-Frank Call Recording RequirementsVPI was recently featured in Contact Center Association's Inbound Magazine in their special issue on 'What to Expect in the Contact Center in 2013.'  One thing is for certain, and that is trading floors and contact centers will be faced with implementing a series of process and technology changes in the coming year.

Authored by VPI's Vice President of Workforce Optimization Patrick Botz, the article 'Financial Contact Centers Face the Reality of Complying with Dodd-Frank' discusses the impact of Dodd-Frank call recording requirements, deadline dates and affordable call recording, analytics and...

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Virtual Call Agents Wave Goodbye to IVR Decision Trees

No traditional speech IVR system decision trees used by virtual agentsMy internet has just gone down at home and I’m already frustrated. Since this isn’t the first time I’ve had this experience I know to unplug the modem, shut down my computer, start up the wireless modem again and wait for all the green lights to show up where they are supposed to. I think, YES! But the minute I turn on the computer, I still have no Internet access.

So I’m ready to place that dreaded call to tech support and the first thing I get is a traditional call center IVR system asking me to do the same exact steps that I’ve already done. But I can’t bypass that pre-programmed voice going...

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VPI’s Groundbreaking "Redaction" Feature

VPI's Call Center Recording Software has a groundbreaking “Redaction” feature. The "Redaction" audio and video editing feature allows the user to manually add silence and block video content to mask sensitive sections of an interaction. This powerful, out-of-box capability is extremely valuable for sharing and creating training clips from calls with sensitive information in them. Even more, redacting is non-destructive to the original files.

We invite you to watch the VPI Training Tips video to learn how to successfully use VPI’s powerful “Redaction” feature!

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