QA & Training Tip: Helping New Trainers Get Up to Speed


Typically, trainers are hired because of an innate ability to speak well, engage their peers and understand the core business. Although they come to the team with these base skills, there are critical steps that should be taken to facilitate the onboarding process. More…

I recommend that the new team member do the following:

  • Observe an experienced trainer while he/she facilitates a class for one to two weeks.
  • Shadow with a training partner as he/she prepares curriculum and reviews material for an upcoming session.
  • Mentor weekly with a training team lead in order to learn about standard practice, resource location and classroom management techniques.
  • Once the new trainer is ready to begin facilitating classes on his/her own, it's important to have consistent peer and management review of delivery method and participant engagement for the first six months on the job.
  • A robust train-the-trainer approach is an important aspect of program and agent success.

Note: This QATC (Quality Assurance & Training Connection) tip is provided by QATC Board Member Christine Gorder of Wells Fargo.

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