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Contact center recording software helps organizations of all sizes and in all industries ensure quality agent-customer interactions, mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Integrated speech analytics and desktop analytics software has exponentially increased the value of contact center recording systems by uncovering valuable insights from unstructured conversations. Saddletree Research estimates that more than 74% of customer-facing organizations in North America are using contact center recording and quality monitoring systems.

Call Recording Software Tops Desired Call Center Software Capabilities

Software Advice recently analyzed a random selection of 385 of their interactions with thousands of buyers searching for call center software to uncover behaviors and preferences of call center software buyers, identify their most common pain points and pinpoint the features they're looking for. Key findings: A significant portion (46 percent) of buyers are buying call

All I Want for Christmas is PCI Compliant Call Recording

Ahead of this year’s holiday season,┬áconsumers┬ácharged more to their credit cards for second straight month.┬áRobust holiday spending is driving the speculation that U.S. consumers are shifting their use of credit and debit toward credit. Early spending patterns do suggest that total credit card spending is increasing, as it has all year. Worldwide, consumers carry more