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Repeat Calls? How to Measure First Contact Resolution More Accurately

One of the best things we can do for our customers and for our company when providing customer support is answering their questions and fixing their problems the first time they call in. The First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate is the home run of contact center statistics. It is the single key performance indicator (KPI)

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10 Signs You’re Ready for Call Center Business Intelligence

The saying in contact centers that you can’t manage what you can’t measure is so true that it’s becoming cliché. You most likely heard this saying too, and may be even tired of it, especially since it usually isn’t very easy to measure, digest and interpret all indicators of your contact center’s performance that matter

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New Book OPTIMIZE Reveals 100+ Call Center Optimization Best Practices

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new book OPTIMIZE: Workforce Optimization and Customer Engagement Best Practices.  Co-authored with industry analyst Dick Bucci from Pelorus Associates, the 130+ page guidebook is a compilation of hundreds of proven contact center optimization strategies, best practices, tips and tools. Contact center executives, managers and analysts will learn

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Top 6 Strategies to Optimize Call Center Quality Assurance

A benchmark research study of hundreds of contact center professionals conducted by Call Center IQ and sponsored by VPI revealed the top initiatives planned to improve Call Center Quality Assurance programs. Following this chart, I’ll share best practices and tips for each of these strategies. Top 6 Call Center Quality Assurance Priorities   Source: Call Center

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10 Hiring Strategies for Call Center Workforce Optimization

We’re proud to be an annual participant in the Quality Assurance and Training Connection (QATC) Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Each year there are dozens of helpful call center workforce optimization tips shared by some of the highest performing customer-facing organizations around the globe. Here are ten strategic hiring tips shared by QATC members and former conference attendees:

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VPI Wins 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award for Enhancing Workforce Optimization Technology with Business Intelligence

TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named VPI EMPOWER as a 2015 CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award winner presented by CUSTOMER magazine.  “We are honored to receive this prestigious award,” said Chris Morrissey, president at VPI. “The credit goes to the dedicated members of our team for tirelessly forging a new age of business productivity

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Why Business Intelligence is a Must Have for the Contact Center

We have all heard the old adage that you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Well you can. It’s really not that hard. But what if you have to walk and chew gum and juggle three tennis balls all at the same time?  Now we are talking some serious multitasking. If you

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20 Call Center QA and Performance Management Questions Asked and Answered

VPI recently hosted a Webcast on the ‘Top 10 Call Center Quality and Performance Management Best Practices.’ We have received a number of great questions during the event and afterwards. The following article provides answers based on a combination of our extensive experience, QATC research, and industry best practices. 1.  What percentage of customer calls

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VPI Ranked #1 in Customer Assurance and #2 Overall in Ventana Research’s 2015 Value Index for Workforce Optimization

Ventana Research, a leading benchmark research and advisory services firm, has ranked VPI as a top software vendor in the 2015 Value Index for Workforce Optimization. In addition to achieving the ‘Hot Vendor’ rating, VPI was rated the highest among all ten vendors evaluated in Customer Assurance, which factors in total cost of ownership (TCO),

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Unified Contact Center Reporting and Dashboards: Interview with Telecom Reseller

I always enjoy talking to industry media and analysts about the newest products and services from VPI. On that note, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Doug Green, the editor and publisher of Telecom Reseller. Doug and his readers wanted to learn more about VPI Performance’s unified contact center reporting capabilities and how

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Video Premiere: Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Call Center Optimization Forum

You’re invited to year’s 3rd Annual Call Center Optimization Forum at the early bird rate. This year’s interactive educational networking forum is coming to Phoenix, Tampa, Toronto, Denver, Seattle, Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Dallas. Packed with powerful roundtable workshops and presentations facilitated by many of the industry’s leading experts and analysts, this year’s forum will

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Accelerating Call Center Quality Assurance and Workforce Optimization with Desktop Screen Analytics

Call center quality assurance software is now a fundamental technology in virtually every competitive call center environment. As the economy begins to recover, 2010 is expected to be another tough year for enterprises, with contact center managers asked once again to reduce their operating expenses while improving the customer experience and satisfaction scores. They will

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