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Repeat Calls? How to Measure First Contact Resolution More Accurately

One of the best things we can do for our customers and for our company when providing customer support is answering their questions and fixing their problems the first time they call in. The First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate is the home run of contact center statistics. It is the single key performance indicator (KPI)

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10 Signs You’re Ready for Call Center Business Intelligence

The saying in contact centers that you can’t manage what you can’t measure is so true that it’s becoming cliché. You most likely heard this saying too, and may be even tired of it, especially since it usually isn’t very easy to measure, digest and interpret all indicators of your contact center’s performance that matter

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How to Use Analytics to Focus Call Quality Monitoring on Calls that Matter

This article is inspired by content from the new contact center guidebook ‘OPTIMIZE: Workforce Optimization & Customer Engagement Best Practices’ that I co-authored with industry analyst Dick Bucci from Pelorus Associates. The average inbound agent handles 1,000 to 1,200 calls per month. If management’s intent is to accurately measure the performance of each agent based on quality

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New Book OPTIMIZE Reveals 100+ Call Center Optimization Best Practices

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my new book OPTIMIZE: Workforce Optimization and Customer Engagement Best Practices.  Co-authored with industry analyst Dick Bucci from Pelorus Associates, the 130+ page guidebook is a compilation of hundreds of proven contact center optimization strategies, best practices, tips and tools. Contact center executives, managers and analysts will learn

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Top 6 Strategies to Optimize Call Center Quality Assurance

A benchmark research study of hundreds of contact center professionals conducted by Call Center IQ and sponsored by VPI revealed the top initiatives planned to improve Call Center Quality Assurance programs. Following this chart, I’ll share best practices and tips for each of these strategies. Top 6 Call Center Quality Assurance Priorities   Source: Call Center

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Call Center Recording: What Really Matters

Call center recording software can help or hinder our ability to effectively deal with pressures inherent to contact center communications. We operate in a labyrinth of complex laws, regulations and policies. Economic pressures complicate our ability to attract and retain quality employees. New caller demands for multi-channel communications introduce new technical complexities. To help you

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How to Select a Voice Logging Recorder: Top 6 Key Considerations

Voice logging recorder systems can help or hinder our ability to effectively deal with pressures inherent to emergency communications. We operate in a labyrinth of complex laws and regulations. Economic pressures complicate our ability to attract and retain quality call takers and dispatchers. Emerging Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) standards hold a promise of matching emergency services with

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35 Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Call Center Quality Assurance Program

I was recently honored to be asked to join a panel of esteemed Call Center Quality Assurance experts at the QATC Annual Conference (Quality Assurance and Training Connection), ICMI Contact Center Expo and the CRMXchange Quality Assurance & Analytics Virtual Conference. Here are my 35 favorite, most effective tips shared by panelists which I thought

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Win/Win: Converting a Challenged Call Center QA Score into a Coaching Moment

The Call Center Quality Assurance (QA) department spends a lot of time listening to and scoring calls.  And when an agent disputes the scoring of a call, it can become a contentious situation.  But you can take a potentially negative situation and turn it into a positive.  Here’s how!  Take this scenario: Customer Service Representative (CSR)

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Compare Call Center Quality Monitoring Scores Against other Metrics for Operational Insights

An interesting way to review your quality monitoring scores is to compare them against all types of other call center performance measures. One of the most important comparisons is between quality monitoring scores and overall customer satisfaction scores. You should see a high correlation. Higher monitoring scores should happen as customer satisfaction scores go up and

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Call Quality Assurance Calibration Tip: Keep a Calibration Log

It’s a good idea to track key decisions points that arise during your call quality assurance calibration sessions. A call quality assurance Calibration Log should contain the following: date, quality evaluation attribute, discussion points, and notes of any action items required to communicate the outcome to agents and others (supervisors, trainers, and coaches). Below is an

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